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Large Line Array (L-6), Pacrim Line Array (LA-212), All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeaker (PSH-U15), Full Range PRO Loudspeaker (AD-725), Subwoofer (AD-218s), Stage Monitor Speaker (AD-12M),...
Large Line Array (L-6)

Product Description
L-6 is a 3-way powerful vertical compact Line Array System. It is composed of two 12 inch high efficient Neo LF drivers with 100mm voice coil, that makes the low frequency much stronger and can be concentrated in a certain range of powerful long-throw with the array design. On the MID, four 6.5 inch Mid drivers with 50mm vocie coil that can perform very natural sound. While the Hi drivers are three pieces of Original Neo Celestion that installed in a special horn. It performs very high efficient together with the MID drivers, and minimizes the distortion between the Mid and LF.
The cabinet is built with high quality 13 layers piano plywood, and coated with durable and waterproof paint.
This system is suitable for Large Concerts Touring, Stadium, Theater, Church, Disco club etc.

Frequency range: 55Hz - 20KHz
LF rated power: 1000W RMS, 2000W Program
MF rated power: 600W RMS, 1200W Program
HF rated power: 160W RES, 320W Program
Components: 2x12''Low+ 4x 6.5''Mid MF+
LF Sensitivity: 105dB, 132dB Max. SPL
MF Sensitivity(1W/m): 104dB, 129dB Max. SPL
HF Sensitivity(1W/m): 115dB, 133dB Max. SPL
Impedance: Low 2x8 ohms/ Mid 8 ohms/ Hi 24 ohms
Connections: 2 Speakon-socket(8-pin)
Dispersion (V x H): 90° X 10°
Color: Black/white
Weight: 68Kg
Dimensions: 1228x535x420mm

Pacrim Line Array (LA-212)


Product Description
LA-212 is a line array system which is made of two 12" woofers, two 1.75" compression drivers and high-performance low-distortion compression driver with innovative philosophy.
It is a zero interfere line array with multi-speaker combined to produce accurate directivity and maximum dynamic impact. Each enclosure is equipped with rigging system, allowing flown array to be contructed rapidly and safely. LA-212 is very versatile and scalable for a wide range of applications in touring performance, corporate and flixed installation fields.

MF rated power: 700 W ( RMS )
MF program power: 1400 W
HF rated power: 150 W ( RMS )
HF program power: 300 W
Components: 2x 12"MF, 2 x 1.75"HF Neo
Connections: 2x Speakon-socket(4-pin)
MF Sensitivity(1W/m): 106dB
Rated Maximum SPL(1m): 129dB peak, @1m
HF Sensitivity(1W/m): 110dB
Rated Maximum SPL(1m): 130dB peak, @1m
Impedance: MF 8Ohm/ HF 16 Ohm
Frequency range: 60Hz ~ 20KHz
Colors: Black
Dispersion angle(1 KHz): 90° X 8° (V x H)
Weight: 42Kg
Shipping Size: 0.25CBM/PC
Dimensions: 1008x530x391mm

All-Weather Outdoor Loudspeaker (PSH-U15)



Product Description
PSH-U15 is a 2-ways all-weather sound system. It is composed of one 15 inch LF driver with 75mm voice coil, and one 3 inch HF driver with 72 mm voice coil, which installed in a fiberglass horn.
With the design of the coaxial sound resource it can keep sound frequency range consistent and smooth.
The feature of this system is clear mid range, sensitivity high range, powerful sound pressure, long distance transmiting, suitable for Stadium, Theme park, Plaza, etc.

Frequency response: 65Hz-18KHz (± 3dB)
Rated Power: 350W RMS, 700W Program
Components: 15''Low + 3''HI
Sensitivity: 110dB, 135dB Max. SPL
Impedance: 8 ohm
Dispersion(HXV): 40° X 60°
Connectors: 2 Speakon - sockets(4-pin)
Crossover Frequency: 1.5 KHz
Colors: Black
Weight: 37 kg
Dimensions(WxDxH): 523x 740x 523 mm

Subwoofer Professional Speaker (AD218B)

Product Description

AD-218B is a powerful subwoofer system. It is composed of two 18 inch woofers with flat aluminum voice coil 125mm. Strong enforcement for the enclosure that decreasing the distortion and performs much extra bass on low frequency. It is a perfect system for any music venues. This system is suitable for large concert, Disco, Theater, Stadium etc.

Model: AD-218B
Rated power: 1400 W RMS
Program power: 2800 W (Peak)
Components: 2x18"Woofer
Connections: 2 Speaker-sockets (4-pin)
Sensitivity (1 W/m): 112dB
Ratde Maximum SPL: 138dB peak, @1m
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency range: 30 Hz~250Hz
Colors: Black
Weight: 98Kg
Shipping Size: 0.79CBM/PC
Dimensions(WxDxH): 1157x895x580mm

Stage Monitor Speaker (AD-12M)

Product Description

Model: AD-12M
Frequency range: 55Hz-20KHz
Power handling: 500W RMS, 1000W Program
Components: 12''Low +1.7'' Neo Hi (BMS4538)
Sensitivity: 112dB/SPL, 124dB/MAX
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Crossover: 2.5KHz
Dispersion(H/V): 60° X 40°
Colors: Black
Weight: 26kg
Dimensions(W/D/H): 492 x 330 x 610mm

AD-12M is a powerful 2-way compact monitor system. It composed of 1 piece 12'' woofer with 100mm voice coil, and 1 piece HF driver with 72mm diaphragm.
This system is designed with PTC protection and Bi-amp function. It performs very natural, clear and soft sound, expecially suitable for stage performance.

Full Range PRO Loudspeaker (AD-725)

Product Description

Frequency range: 45 Hz-18 KHz
Rated power: 1000 W RMS, 2000W Program
Components: 2x15''Low+ 1.7'' BMS 4555
Connections: 2 Speakon-sockets (4-pin)
Sensitivity (1 W/m): 105dB, 130dB Max. SPL
Dispersion(HxV): 40° X 60°
Crossover Frequency: 600Hz -1.5KHz
Impedance: 4 ohm
Colors: Black
Weight: 58 Kg
Dimensions(WxDxH): 480x510x1164 mm

AD-725 is a perfect system for touring or projects. It is composed of 2 pieces 15''low drivers with 100mm voice coil, and 1 piece of 1.7'' BMS 4555 compression driver that fixed in a rotated horn with 60° 40° Dispersion.

The system can perform very clear, soft and natural sound, while the low is very strong so that it can work individually at any music venues. This system is suitable for Concerts, Disco Club, Theater, Stadium, etc.

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